By the Pacific, for the Pacific

The Fisherman and the Scientist

Poem by Dr Cresantia (Frances) Koya Vaka’uta

Her poem explains issues and inequalities on the production of knowledge about climate change in this poem.

Photo: Women fishing at the mouth of their village river, Natewa Village, Fiji. Credit: Graham Wragg.

Our Islands On The Sea

Poem by Debby H. Schütz

Poet and activist Debby H. Schütz tells the story of climate change and nuclear testing from her perspective living in the Marshall Islands. She speaks out for her people and islands alongside other Marshallese artists in the Voices Rising film, music and poetry project.

Photo: Areal view of Majuro atoll, Marshall Islands. Credit: Chloe-Ane Wragg.

The Transnational Struggle of Nuclear Colonialism in the “Sea of Islands”

Conversation with Talei Luscia Mangioni

PhD candidate and Pacific Studies teacher Talei Luscia Mangioni tells about challenging colonial ideologies and systems that are imposed on the Pacific and its people in this conversation.

Photo: Island of Rarotonga in the distance, Cook Islands. Credit: Chloe-Ane Wragg

To Hell with Drowning

Essay by Julian Aguon

Julian Aguon, indigenous human rights lawyer from Guåhan, shares about survivance, hope, and the importance of stories in the midst of ecological crisis in this essay.

Photo: Coconut trees submerged by the seas. Credit: USP


Podcast, Guam

Podcast providing decolonization and indigenous themed focus to event and news from the Marianas, Micronesia and the Pacific. Including discussions with master Micronesian seafarers about maintaining traditional Micronesian seafaring.

Photo: Rabi children dressed in i-Kiribati traditional attire. Credit: Chloe-Ane Wragg

One Ocean, One People

Song by Paulini Bautani

Composed and performed by Paulini, a local Fijian artisit. The song is a call to the people of Oceania to rise up, hold hands and protect the ocean in the face of exploitation and climate change.

Photo: Woman standing and peering out to sea, Cook Islands. Credit: Chloe-Ane Wragg

Solwata Kin and Deep Pacific


Bigger conversations about everyday issues that affect the seas of islands are discussed in podcasts like Solwata Kin and Deep Pacific.

Photo: Young boy stands on edge of reef, looking out for seafood. Credit: USP

We rely on a constellation of knowledges, memories, and practices as we try to study, address, and outlive the climate crisis.

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