Country Reports


The Pacific Ocean and Climate Crisis Assessment (POCCA) team embarked on a field trip to Kiribati to study the effects of climate change on the island nation.

The POCCA team’s field trip to Kiribati highlights the significance of incorporating traditional knowledge in addressing the climate crisis and developing sustainable solutions for the Pacific region.

Fiji Islands​

The Fiji Islands field visits consist of 3 locations. They were Vanua Levu, Gau Island and the province of Ra. The team was able to witness villages relocated from their original sites due to climate change and learn how villagers had to adapt to new weather cycles and how to preserve for a better future.


The Pacific Ocean and Climate Crisis Assessment (POCCA) project team visited Nauru from the 6th-13th May 2023 to capture stories from Pacific communities on utilizing their indigenous systems to help them adapt to climate change.

The country is vulnerable to extreme climate events and is committed to integrating its existing climate-related policies into an overarching climate policy.


The Pacific Ocean and Climate Crisis Assessment (POCCA) project team conducted a consultations field trip to Tuvalu from April 11-18, 2023, as part of its ongoing work.

The visit to Tuvalu was part of the POCCA project’s broader efforts to understand better the challenges they face and support their efforts to build resilience to climate change and the ocean crisis.

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