Output Two: Output Two: Publications and Policy Briefs

The 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent, endorsed by Pacific Forum leaders, emphasizes the necessity of investing in Pacific-centric science, cultural and traditional knowledge, and innovative research to tackle the escalating impacts of the climate crisis. Despite significant attention on technical and Western science, Indigenous science and knowledge have been largely overlooked. The Pacific Ocean Climate Crisis Assessment(POCCA) report aims to fill this void by providing a comprehensive assessment of climate change’s effects on Big Ocean States (BOSs) in the Pacific, incorporating their adaptation, mitigation, and resilience strategies, while maintaining their environmental equilibrium. 

POCCA is part of a broader initiative to reconceptualize the climate crisis through local experiences, indigenous wisdom, community innovation, and Pacific scholarship. The project seeks to rectify the dominance of international scientific reports and political declarations, which often drown out the voices of Global South communities. By providing a platform for Pacific scholars, experts, and local communities to share their perspectives, POCCA strives to address the global imbalance and inequity in knowledge and representation, facilitating a reimagining of climate issues crucial to the preservation of humanity and the planet. 

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