Meet Our Talented Team

Distinguished Professor Steven Ratuva

Project Co-Leader

  1. 2021. Ratuva S., Crichton-Hill Y., Ross T., Vakaoti P. and Basu A. Social protection and COVID-19: A comparative study of resilience and social solidarity. Singapore: Palgrave-Springer. 1-277
  2. 2021. Ratuva S., Hamdy A. and Compel R. (2021) Risk, identity and conflict: Theoretical perspectives and case studies. Singapore: Palgrave. 1-390
  3. 2019. Ratuva S. Contested Terrain: Reconceptualising Security in the Pacific. Canberra: ANU Press. 
Doctor Awnesh Singh

Project Co-Leader

  1. Chandra, A., N. Keenlyside, L. Svendsen, A. Singh (2024), Processes driving sub-seasonal variations of upper Ocean Heat Content in the equatorial Indian Ocean, Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans, 129, e2023JC020074,
  2. Dupouy, C., A. Whiteside, J. Tan, G. Wattelez, H. Murakami, R. Andreoli, J. Lefevre, R. Rottgers, A. Singh, R. Frounin (2023), A Review of Ocean Color Algorithms to Detect Trichodesmium Oceanic Blooms and Quantify Chlorophyll Concentration in Shallow Coral Lagoons of South Pacific Archipelagos, Remote Sensing, 15(21), 5194,
  3. Tu’uholoaki M., A. Espejo, K. Sharma, A. Singh, M. Wandres, H. Damlamian, S. Chand (2023), Influence of the Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) on Tropical Cyclones affecting Tonga in the Southwest Pacific, Atmosphere, 14(7), 1189, doi: 10.3390/atmos14071189.
Professor Bronwyn Hayward

Climate, Population, and Wellbeing

  1. 2020. Hayward B., Hinge Salili D., Leo Tupuana’i L. and Tualamali’i’ J. (2020) It’s Not “Too Late”. Learning from Small Pacific Island Developing States in a Warming World. WIREs Climate Change 11(1)
  2. 2020. Nissen S., Prendergast K.,.Hayward B., et al. Young people and environmental affordances in urban sustainable development: insights into transport and green and public space in seven cities. Sustainable Earth 3(1) 17
  3. 2018. Sustainable development, poverty eradication and reducing inequalities Chapter 5. In: Global warming of 1.5°C. [Masson-Delmotte V. et al., (Eds.)].

Associate Professor Joeli Veitayaki

Chapter Team Leader

  1. Veitayaki, J. (2021) Securing coastal fisheries in the Pacific: Critical resources for food, livelihood and community security  Pp 56 – 60 in Thomas, P and Keen, M (eds.) ANU DEVELOPMENT BULLETIN PERSPECTIVES 82 ON PACIFIC SECURITY: FUTURE CURRENTS.
  2. Thomas, A. and Mangubhai, S. and Fox, M. and Meo, S. and Miller, K. and Naisilisili, W. and Veitayaki, J. and Waqairatu, S. (2021) Why they must be counted: Significant contributions of Fijian women fishers to food security and livelihoods. Ocean & Coastal Management, 205. p. 105571. ISSN 0964-5691
  3. Stefanoudis, P. V. and Licuanan, W.Y. and Morrison, T.H. and Talma, S. and Veitayaki, J. and Woodall, L C. (2021) Turning the tide of parachute science. UNSPECIFIED.
Lau Doctor Viliamu Iese

Chapter Team Leader

  1. Impacts of COVID-19 on agriculture and food systems in Pacific Island countries (PICs): Evidence from communities in Fiji and Solomon Islands…V Iese, M Wairiu, GM Hickey, D Ugalde, DH Salili… – Agricultural Systems, 2021
  2. Facing food security risks: The rise and rise of the sweet potato in the Pacific Islands. V Iese, E Holland, M Wairiu, R Havea, S Patolo… – Global food security, 2018
  3. Climate change implications for crop production in Pacific Islands region. ML Morgan Wairiu, V Iese.
Doctor Christina Laalaai-Tausa

Project Management

Doctor Hilda Waqa-Sakiti

Project Management

  1. Dorevella, N., Waqa-Sakiti, H. and Tabe, T. 2021. Climate change adaptation programmes on water security in the Pacific: A focus on the Solomon Islands. Pacific Dynamics, 5: 1- 17
  2. Waqa-Sakiti, H. Hodge, S. and Winder, L. 2018. Distribution of long-horned beetles (Cerambycidae: Coleoptera) within the Fijian Archipelago. The South Pacific Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, 36 (1): 1-8.
  3. Tuiwawa, M., Waqa-Sakiti, H., Tuiwawa, S., Naikatini, A., Copeland, L. and Rashni, B. 2018. Colo-i-suva Forest Park Wildlife, USP Press, Suva.
Doctor Suliasi Vunibola

Indigenous Knowledge & Resilience

  1. 2022. Vunibola, S. & Scobie, M. Islands of Indigenous innovation: reclaiming and reconceptualising innovation within, against and beyond colonial-capitalism. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand.
  2. 2022. Vunibola, S., Steven, H. and Scobie, M. Indigenous enterprise on customary lands: Diverse economies of surplus. Asia Pacific Viewpoint.
  3. 2022. Steven, H., & Vunibola, S. The resiliency of Indigenous entrepreneurial settings in the South Pacific: Notions of solesolevaki and wanbel in the case of Fiji and Papua New Guinea. In The Routledge International Handbook of Indigenous Resilience (pp. 362-378). Routledge.

Doctor Dalila Gharbaoui

Mobility & Immobility


2018. Gharbaoui, D. and Blocher J. Limits to Adaptation through climate-induced relocations in Papua-New Guinea and Fiji. Limits to Adaptation: Insights and Experiences, Climate Change Management Series, Springer. 

2017. Gharbaoui D. Social and cultural dimensions of environment-related mobility and planned relocations in the South Pacific. Routledge Handbook on Environmental Displacement and Migration.

2016. Gharbaoui, D. and Blocher, J. The reason land matters: relocation as adaptation to climate change in Fiji Islands. Migration, Risk Management and Climate Change: Evidence and Policy Responses, Global Migration Issues, Vol. 6, pp 149-173.

Doctor Luisa Malua Young

Geospatial Analyst

David Garcia

Digital Geography & Crisis Mapping

  1. 2018. V Maynard, E Parker, R Yoseph-Paulus, D Garcia, Environment and Urbanization 30 (1), 265-282, Urban planning following humanitarian crises: supporting urban communities and local governments to take the lead.
  2. 2017. R Yoseph-Paulus, V Maynard, E Parker, D Garcia; Urban planning in Banda Aceh: supporting local actors after the tsunami;
  3. 2017. E Parker, V Maynard, D Garcia, R Yoseph-Paulus; Urban planning following humanitarian crises.
Nasoni Roko

Finance and Administration

Jiaoji Sigavata

IT Specialist

Jasha Dehm

Research Fellow

Eliki Drugunalevu

Technical Editor/Digital Officer

Noella Dorevella

Research Fellow

Metuisela Gauna

Research Assistant

Salote Nasalo

Research Assistant

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